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We provide advisory services to organizations interested in entering India to set up their Sales & Marketing organizations, especially for solutions in the field of :


  • GIS/Geospatial/Geomatics/Remote Sensing


  • Survey/Geotechnical/DGPS/Terrestrial Laser Scanners

  • UAV/Drones/RPA

and similar engineering and design software & solutions

Business Meeting


We provide advisory inputs to organizations who are planning to launch new products in the market with market scenario advise, inputs from industry experts, thought leaders & key corporate decision makers, etc. We help plan product branding and launch activities across cities and media. conditioning your social media audience is critical. We advice you on how to create a relationship with prospective clients.


We handhold organizations as they set up a sales & marketing organization to market their products, while constantly providing strategy and vision for the team to succeed. For those interested in using the reseller route, we use our experience of the market to help in identifying strategies and possible sellers to create a reseller network,

Campaign Pitch


We provide performance enhancing trainings to help your Sales & Marketing teams on a variety of topics like :

  • Understanding your Market

  • Addressing your Market and Clients

  • Selling to the Top - CXO level strategies

  • Product Presentation Preparation

  • Sales Etiquette 

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Consulting with Purpose

Since 2012, we’ve been providing professional consulting services to our clients. What started out as a small effort to assist Friends, Relatives & Acquaintances by providing strategic sales & market planning to innovative solutions, the business has grown over the past years to build an efficient and results-driven relationship with clients across India. We work with you to create a customized plan of action for your organization.

Red Wall & Stairs

Some Customer Profiles

Mobile Solutions Start-up

Rewired their entire sales activities, which included planning & strategy resets, restructuring team, act as team points-man in  crucial deals and training the team on how to approach the market

Hardware Tools Distributor

Basic redesigning of sales & marketing, which included product positioning, online marketing and networking essentials

Manpower Recruitment Firm

Portfolio Management to relook at markets to access and branding of the firm, both offline and online

Engineering Software Start-up

Designed their entire Sales activity, right from product positioning to presentations and played sales lead in crucial client acquisition efforts

Engineering Solutions Firm

Took charge of their Geospatial & Survey Team, on the advice of their MNC Principals, with complete  responsibility, right from the team's  activities, revenue generation to long term strategy and market planning

Names of Customers have not been disclosed due to Client NDA